Taking It Eazy E on a Sunday Evening! 🍯

Make our own large veggie pizza, Caesar salad and mozzarella sticks.

Ordered from our go to  LW Pizza.  Watched The Bobby Brown Story on the BET.  Made some ginger tea with Bill’s Bee’s Avocado Blossom Honey.

Boiled ginger pieces on med heat for 30 minutes, then an additional 20 minutes on med-low…..10 min on low heat at the end.
Squeeze honey into mug and pour ginger tea….stir honey and sip! It’s good for digestion, immunity and weight loss!










Kitchen sink was clogged….so pizza and honey ginger tea.  Today was a good day! 😆

Note:  It’s my prerogative! 😁

Fact: I wish I had more cookies to eat with my ice cube milk. 🥛


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